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Wholesale Walnuts:

Power Up Your Plant-Based Business with Nutritious Excellence

  1. Wholesale Walnuts: Bulk Up Your Bottom Line with Nutritious Excellence! 
  2. Elevate Your Brand with Wholesale Walnuts: Drive Customer Loyalty & Sales! 
  3. Unlock Business Potential: Source Premium Wholesale Walnuts for Your Bakery, Restaurant, or More! Unfold Your Wholesale Walnut Advantage:

At Vegankings we understand the importance of offering top-tier plant-based ingredients for your business. That’s why we’re proud to provide a comprehensive selection of wholesale walnuts, catering specifically to B2B clients like bakeries, restaurants, snack producers, and retailers.

Discuss the Power of Wholesale Walnuts:

Walnuts are a nutritional powerhouse, boasting an impressive array of health benefits. They are a rich source of:

Healthy Fats: Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts contribute to heart health and cognitive function.
Protein: Providing a substantial protein content, walnuts are perfect for vegan and vegetarian diets.
Fiber: Walnuts promote healthy digestion and support gut health.
Vitamins and Minerals: Loaded with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, magnesium, and manganese, walnuts offer a well-rounded nutritional profile.

Beyond their nutritional value, walnuts offer a unique combination of taste and texture. Their rich, buttery flavor and delightful crunch elevate countless culinary creations, making them a versatile addition to your product line.

Wholesale Options Tailored to Your Needs:

vegankingz understands that every business has its own specific needs.  That’s why we offer a variety of options for our wholesale walnuts:

Walnut Variety: Choose from California walnuts, Chandler walnuts, or a custom blend to suit your specific needs and preferences.
Processing: We offer whole walnuts in shell, halves, pieces, or even chopped options, depending on your desired application.
Quantity: We accommodate orders of all sizes, from convenient smaller quantities for cafes and restaurants to large bulk pallets for industrial use.

Organic Certification: If organic certification is important to your brand, we offer USDA-certified organic walnuts to meet your requirements.

Elevate Your Brand with VeganKings Bulk Nuts & Seeds!

Ready to elevate your product offerings and empower your customers with the nutritional excellence of walnuts? Contact vegankings today and speak with one of our dedicated sales representatives. We’ll discuss your specific needs and craft a customized wholesale solution that fuels your success.


What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale walnuts?
We have a flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ) to cater to businesses of all sizes. Please contact our dedicated sales team to discuss your specific needs.
We offer a variety of payment options to suit your business’s needs. Please contact our sales team for further details.
Absolutely! We encourage you to try our high-quality walnuts before placing a larger order. Please contact our sales team for sample requests.
Yes, we offer competitive discounts for larger quantity purchases. Please inquire with our sales team for current pricing and discount structures.

Our walnuts have a shelf life of up to 12 months when stored properly in a cool, dry, and dark location.

Vegankings is committed to providing exceptional customer service and building strong partnerships with B2B clients. We understand that your success is our success. That’s why we offer:

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